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Now is when I brag all about the new layout and bore you all with technical details that 90% of people don’t care about. The new layout has:

  1. Easy on the eyes color scheme.
  2. Almost no images, meaning faster load times.
  3. No new-end technologies. Everything on this site was made using current CSS.
  4. Complete IE 6 compatibility. I’m still adding a nag bar because I personally hate IE.
  5. A completely different CMS. Chyrp is what I’m currently using. It’s simpler for both the visitor and for the writer.
  6. A cleaner, less cluttered layout with more emphasis on typography than on design.

A known issue is in Opera (including 9.6). The little circles on sidebar rollovers appear under the text rather than next to it. Since it’s a minor aesthetic issue and since Opera has a negligible market share, I’m going to leave it as it is. I’ve moved the contact form to its own contact page (which will be added a bit later). The footer will have my Flickr feed, some social links (MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), and the copyright notice. The rest of the pages will be rewritten, and then the blogging can start again.

Theme’s Done

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The new theme is up and running, as you may or may not have noticed yet. It’s a departure from the green of the last version, and it returns to the blues seen in version 4.0. Chyrp has a surprisingly intuitive templating system, which is yet another reason I recommend it for all your blogging needs. Some parts might still be kind of messed up, but I’ll get to those tomorrow. I’ll make a more detailed post tomorrow; I’m too tired right now.

Theme Coming Soon

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The good news is that I’ve figured out how to make custom themes for Chyrp. The bad news is that it’s going to take a little while. Instead of messing with the theme in this directory (and possible defacing the site), I’m going to work on the theme in a different directory until it is complete and tested. You the reader won’t notice anything until the whole thing is finished. The new theme will be cleaner, simpler, and will be IE 6 compatible (I’m still going to add a nag bar at the top). I expect it to be 100% complete by the end of this weekend. If it’s not up by Monday, assume the worst.

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This blog is no longer active! Please go to my newer, improved blog here.

Hello Chyrp

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DZine-Studios is now the blog. The /blog directory has a link to this one, but it’ll only be around until I get everything sorted out. I’ve got comments running and a code highlighter installed, which is all I really need. All the old posts/pages are here, except that some may be missing pictures/images. I’ll straighten that out within the next few days. The current theme is nice, but it’s not really mine, so consider it a placeholder for now. I’ll be masterminding a new theme which will probably be based off of the old blog’s theme.

Also, badminton might just be one of the dumbest sports out there. The rackets are really tiny and so easily breakable. There’s no ball, but some misshapen thing called a shuttle. I can’t do power strokes, because the stupid shuttle thing flies like 3 feet and falls. Although the rest of school is going well.

And finally, my day’s rant. Today’s victim is High School Musical 1-3. It’s a terrible movie, with terrible acting, terrible singing, terrible music, and a terrible plot. You know why the plot is terrible? It’s because there is none. It’s all about A dating B, B cheating on A with C; then A and B, C and D fall in love and all ends happily ever after. The acting is atrocious. The songs are generic, cliché, and repetitive. All the movies are exactly the same. Even worse, since High School Musical is a best-seller, Disney is going to keep on producing more and more. That movie is seriously brain poison, and it should burn.

It was good while it lasted…

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I never thought I’d see the day when I turn away from WordPress. I got into blogging through WordPress, and it was a blast to use back in the day. However WordPress has gotten cluttered and bloated lately. I don’t even need half of its features. All I need is a blog engine with the basics. Chyrp gives me that power, all in a lightweight package. This /blog directory will probably float around for now, but once I have everything over at Chyrp, it’ll be deleted. Since the main site (DZine-Studios) isn’t really useful to me, the new blog will be on the root directory. I’ll probably clean this theme up a little bit and use it for the new blog. So long WordPress, and hello Chyrp!

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