Almost Thanksgiving

On Thursday, it’ll be Thanksgiving, meaning a long weekend and lots of free time. I might do something productive on Thanksgiving, or I might not. On another note, report cards are tomorrow. I probably did decently well in most of my classes, so I’m not that worried. It would all be perfect if it wasn’t for the fact that I have 3 school projects, as well as a ton of web projects. The SAT isn’t too far off, but I’m not going to go crazy preparing for it. I’ve also decided to drop Web Design class at school. I thought I could learn something useful there, but it was like one big Dreamweaver tutorial. And next semester that class is going to be covering Flash-based websites, which I absolutely cannot stand.
Speaking of Microsoft’s failures, they’ve decided to rebrand their search engine from Windows Live to “Kumo.” Leave it to Microsoft to choose the dumbest-sounding names for their products. I’m still awaiting the day when Google finally buys Microsoft. On the topic of Google, Chrome is expected to go final in early 2009. Hopefully they’ll have a Mac version by then. Google has also been discussing with OEMs the possibility of adding Chrome as one of the default browsers. Doing so would be a huge relief for web designers, and Microsoft would suffer greatly.

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