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Windows 7, I won’t be reviewing it formally. It doesn’t have enough support/drivers for me to get the full experience. I will make a note about it, but no formal review. I’ll wait until the “official” beta to review Windows 7. Other than the whole coolness factor, Windows 7 is essentially useless right now, unable to even connect to the internet. CS4 I will review sometime soon.
Enough tech. Time to rant. First on my list is Gmail. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Gmail. It’s a whole lot better than AOL or MSN. I just don’t like that Gmail introduced new “themes.” Even though the themes are meant to be visually appealing, some of them remind me of the horrible layouts I see on MySpace. At least google hasn’t allowed custom themes… yet. While Google may be masquerading the themes as a user enhancement, it’s really just a sad appeal to get the MySpace kids.

Next on my list is MSN/Hotmail. I despise it. It’s down like half the time (though this might have improved since July), the design is ugly (and reminds me of Vista…yuck), and it’s completely unintuitive. The search feature is half-assed, and I have to wade through menus to do seemingly simple things like changing settings. I’m not even going to start on how it’s poorly coded. Plus it’s Microsoft, which earns it an insta-fail in my book.
Next on the Microsoft hate track are Zunes. You might know them as the poorly implemented, yucky iPod ripoffs. Their interface is butt-ugly (have you seen the font they use?!), and they have Wi-Fi, but no browser. Which kind of defeats the point of having Wi-Fi in the first place. Sure Microsoft says it’s for track-sharing, but it’s pretty hard to find another Zune user, so that feature’s pointless. The Zunes are pretty ugly and bricklike themselves. No matter how much Microsoft updates the Zune, it’s going to remain a failure.
Tomorrow some movie called Twilight comes out, and about half the kids in my school are going to cut class to go see it. Pathetic.

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