Windows 7 and CS4

As of now, I have installed Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro, through Parallels. From my first impressions, it’s quite similar to Vista. The ribbon interface is everywhere now. Wordpad and Paint both have the ribbon interface. Paint has anti-aliasing now, although that might not be a boon for pixel artists. I’m also seeing a lot of shines everywhere, and the new taskbar. I’m still having issues with drivers, but hopefully that’ll be resolved soon. I’ll write up a full review (with pictures) over the weekend, after I’ve had more time to try out Windows 7.
Adobe finally released their CS4 trials. So far I have Photoshop CS4 and Flash CS4, and my initial impressions are quite positive. I especially like Flash CS4’s new UI. The properties box has been moved to the sidebar on the right of the screen, freeing up vertical space. The timeline has been moved to below the stage. This actually gives me more working room for the stage, which is especially good on 15″ screen. The new inverse kinematics tool is fantastic, as is the motion editor. I haven’t noticed any dramatic changes in Photoshop CS4, though.

Moving away from software/computers, time to rant about things. Lately I’ve noticed that people have been following the Twilight series like a religion. Half the people on Facebook now use Twilight quotes in all their statuses, which is pretty annoying. The craze has also been fueled by the upcoming Twilight movie. However, I still don’t get why people obsess over it. It’s just a book.

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