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Update, woot!

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Rumors are that Apple will be releasing brand new laptops within a week. Leaked price lists reveal that the new Macbooks (or whatever they’ll be called) will start at $800 for the basic configuration. There goes the whole “Mac laptops are expensive” mantra that everybody keeps saying over and over. The new laptops will be manufactured using the “brick” method, which basically carves the laptop case out of a solid brick of aluminum. Based on leaked pictures, it seems that the new laptops will have the new-style Apple keyboard installed. I don’t mind, because the new keyboard is nice. 

In other news, my birthday is tomorrow. I’ll finally be turning 16. If you want to drop a buck or two, click the PayPal link below (which I’ll add in a few hours). Also, with the completion of 2 of my paid projects, I now have time to work on something for my own use. I’ve already got a big project in mind, but I’ll write about that tomorrow.

Still Not Dead!

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First things first- the blog’s been redone. Well… almost redone. The footer is still unfinished, a testament to my laziness. These colors are (hopefully) not as overpowering as the previous ones. With all the updates, this is version 5.1. And yes, I know that the archives, comment pages, post pages, and pages are still in the legacy 4.0 look. I will get around to fixing that… sometime. Also, I got yet another project in the works.

In other news, All That Remains has come out with a new CD- Overcome. So far, I’m really liking it. Some of the songs are brutal, while others are much more mellow. In fact, there’s actually one song on the album with no screaming at all.

Also, Filezilla is gone from my dock. It’s been replaced by Transmit. Transmit isn’t free like Filezilla, but it’s not that expensive, and it’s well worth the price ($29.95). It allows bookmarking locations on the server, file synchronizations, and the ability to get rid of the annoying “Do you want to replace…?” dialog for good. Plus, the interface looks more Mac-centric than Filezilla, which is essentially a ported Windows version.

Speaking of which, my birthday’s coming up in about a week, on October 11. Luckily, I don’t have Saturday School, and I have a 3-day weekend, all thanks to Columbus Day. Then I’ll finally be 16… even though being 16 isn’t nearly as exciting as being 18. Also, this blog is approaching its one year anniversary, which is in early December. I’ll probably write up an article about the history of the blog. Maybe.

Also, Election Day draws closer and closer with every day. Although I’d rather not think about it.

Several Things…

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Warning: Big post ahead.

Saturday school was pretty good, and I only have 6 sessions left. Plus in Saturday school I got awfully good at Tetris (I installed it on my iPod Touch).

The first thing that really bothers me is fat people. I’m not talking about the slightly overweight, I’m talking about the morbidly obese-can’t-fit-through-the-door types. In Saturday school, one particular student ate 4 muffins, three bagels, and 2 cheeseburgers. Don’t those people know of the health problems they’ll have? Honestly, they ought to ban the sale of junk food to all who are classified as overweight or obese. Or, we’ve got to figure out how to turn human fat into fuel. With the amount of fat people in the US, we could run on that stuff for years to come. I mean, It’s your body, ruin it… but please stay home and don’t ruin the view… especially at the beach.

The CS4 release date is October 15, however, I’ve obtained a copy of Flash CS4 just to see if it’s as good as is claimed. The inverse kinematics feature is pretty damn cool, though. The 3D tools work nicely as well.

Also, my friend and I made a site together, to illustrate all the principles of bad web design. Go to it, and if you see any of those things on your site, then you really need to redo your site.

I’ll also be writing several derogatory articles, so stick around for them. I’m also planing on redoing the colors on this blog, as the current ones are… painful, to say the least.

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