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After only a month of being up, it’s time for DZine-Studios Blog v5.0. I’m redesigning the whole thing. Again. The new design will last much longer, as I won’t have time to do much with school starting in just a few days. Some features to get you drooling over version 5.0:

1) Semantic, organised markup.

2) Clean, organised CSS.

3) XHTML-strict compliance.

4) CSS 3. While it’s not “officially” released, there are enough browsers that support it as of now. Firefox and Safari support it, which is about half of the browser market. Good enough for me.

5) Clean design. While this design is exceptionally minimalistic, it’s too boring. And too dark. I’m not emo, but this site says otherwise.

6) Less gimmicky Javascript. The accordion menu will be replaced with a normal menu, because the slidey effects get really annoying over time. Javascript will still be used, but for non-essential things. Also, I’m moving from MooTools to jQuery.

7) The Twitter feed will be relocated, and will actually be part of the site, not looking like it was stuck on as an afterthought (like on this old v4.0).

8) New Flickr-based gallery. Instead of having to manually upload and resize art, I’ll just have Flickr do it.

There’s probably a bunch more stuff that’s going to be added, but I can’t think of anything else right now.

Goodbye, version 4.0, and hello version 5.0!

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