Work and other fun stuff…

Wow, my web design business is really starting to take off. A little more than I wanted it to, but hey, it’s all good. I have 2 projects already started, with several in the waiting list. Sadly, I can’t reveal the secret project yet, but it will be big when it comes out. School’s going pretty well, as is Saturday school.

Also, Adobe is going to be releasing CS4. While Photoshop, Fireworks, and Illustrator receive minor changes, Flash is receiving some major things. The most awaited feature is inverse kinematics. To describe it shortly, you draw a skeleton and then put parts on it. You would then animate the figure by moving around the skeleton, and the “skin” would move accordingly. Another feature is real-time 3D transformation. A new motion editor has been added, making it possible to tweak animations even further. While no concrete release date has been set, CS4 is expected to be released sometime in October.

I also might be going to see The Misfits in Manhattan on October 31 (Halloween). That is, if I can get tickets.

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