Saturday School

Today was my first day of Saturday school, and it actually turned out better than I expected. Good thing it starts at 9:00 am and not at 8:05 am like a regular day. This morning I came nice and early, and I was surprised to see some people who I actually know. The teacher I got for Saturday school is pretty good, so boredom won’t be too much of a concern. The only downside is that it’s until November 15, and every session is from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. Granted, I get a half-hour break in the middle, but the sessions are still pretty long. Also, I got really lucky, as the Saturday that my birthday is on doesn’t have Saturday school due to Columbus Day or something like that. 1 session down, and only 8 sessions to go. Then I will be free, with all classes made up.

In terms of websites and stuff, I already have several projects laid out in front of me. The first one is secret for now, but will probably be great one once it actually comes out. I’m well aware of the fact that the footer is completely unfinished. I intend to fix that sometime tomorrow. Also, I do not intend to fix my blog for Internet Explorer 6. I’ll just add a little notification thing at the top telling the user to get a different browser. My portfolio site will be finished… someday. Maybe.

Also, Facebook finalized its new layout. Now, the users have no choice but to use the new layout, as there is no option of switching to the old layout. Two things that might happen- Either users all leave Facebook, or they suck it up and learn the new layout. The latter will probably happen. Apple did the same thing in 1998 when they released the iMac, with only USB and Firewire ports. People still loved it, even though it was radically different. Maybe in a little while people will come to love the new Facebook layout as well.

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  • Will

    Saturday School, 5 days a week wasn’t enough for ya eh? :P.
    What do you have to do in Saturday school?

    This site looks pretty good, great job with it. Looking forward to seeing the secret one.

    About facebook, i don’t really see that much of a difference design wise, but i am not a facebook fanatic so i couldn’t care less!

    Nice blog, i will try and keep up to date!

  • Daniel

    I have make-up classes in Saturday school. Last year was a terrible one, I really let myself go. This year, I’m fixing all my past mistakes and failures, so I don’t have nearly as much time to write. Thanks for the comments. Keep on reading, and I’ll keep updating, knowing that at least one person actually visits this place.