I’m not dead…

I’m back, after about two weeks of silence. I’ll explain later, but first the main news.

Apple had its iPod event today at 10am PST. In the event, Steve Jobs first announced that he was not dead. Then, he proceeded to introduce iTunes 8 to the public. After iTunes came the long-expected next generation iPod nano. The new nano goes back to the second generation’s form. It’s tall and narrow, and yet it manages to fit a screen just as big as the previous generation’s screen. The screen is put vertically, so that you can just turn the iPod sideways and watch a movie in widescreen. It also has a built in accelerometer, just like the iPod Touch. The 8gb model is $150, and the 16gb model is $199. It also comes in a ton more colors, which the public will probably love. The iPod Classic didn’t get anything major. Apple dropped the 160gb model (presumably due to lack of sales) and bumped the standard 80gb model to 120gb. The price is $250 for the iPod Classic. The iPod Touch got the expected iPhone 3G treatment, with a built in speaker, curved back, and it finally got the much-awaited hardware volume controls. The iPod Touch is $229 for the 8gb model, $299 for the 16gb model, and $399 for the 32gb model. Jobs also announced firmware 2.1 for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. It fixes supposedly fixes bugs, adds battery life, and adds a new (and much-hyped) genius feature, which automatically creates playlists based on your musical preferences. I’ll be sure to test that little feeature out sometime. Also, more good games will be coming to the iPhone, such as Need for Speed. Yes, Need for Speed is coming to the iPhone. It’s in 3D, and you supposedly steer by tilting. It looks pretty good. Maybe the iPhone will start competing against the PSP and the DS as a true gaming device. Apple also introduced new headphones, which are $79. They are better than the ones that come with iPods, and they even have remote controls on them, along with a microphone.

While these news from Apple are nice and all, it doesn’t directly affect me. I’m perfectly happy with my current iPod, and I really don’t mind unlocking it to change the volume. Now for why I’ve been gone for so damn long.

One word. School. I’ve been swamped with homework, school, and guitar to the point of where I have about 2 hours of computer time in a day. And after homework and guitar, I really don’t feel like doing anything productive. School sucks completely, but at least I don’t have science and my classes are easy.

Other projects have also been taking up much of what little time I have left. I’ve redone my portfolio site several times, but the current design is pretty much a keeper. Now I just have to put in actual content rather than crappy placeholders.

This site’s been pretty much redesigned. All that’s left is to make an interesting footer, format the article titles, and redo the archives. Maybe I’ll make a new, greener favicon. Also, note that the green is back. Hopefully this time it won’t be as hard on the eyes as the past designs. Also, it’s XHTML-Strict compliant, which means I wasted a bunch of time fixing my code in order to gain bragging rights. Also, I ended up using a lot less CSS3 than I intended, which I suppose is a good thing. Also, my site is COMPLETELY borked (for lack of a better word) when using IE 6. I’m still pondering whether to fix it or not. I probably won’t as I don’t care about the IE-using fools.

This blog probably won’t be updated nearly as much anymore, but it’s not dying. Nope. It’s staying right here, an outlet for my anger/amusement/entertainment/venting/ranting/informing/technology. Of course, I am going to adding all my artwork into the art page, which I have needed to do for quite some time now. There will probably be lots more articles added, which are actually quite fun to write.

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