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New Design, New Server, and More…

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Well, the redesign is done. I don’t feel like writing about it yet again, because I already had an article about it before, but it got lost when I was moving the blog to another server. Also, note the new domain and new title. Let me explain all of this. Before, the site used to be called DZine-Online, and was at That was before my account got suspended on the DZine-Online server. Why was it suspended? I don’t know. Will I ever get it back? Possibly. Even if I don’t I’ve got nothing to lose on the old server. This blog is now hosted on my Media Temple server, which is also hosting several other of my projects, such as Z-Up and TechBase. Since I have all my files on my Mac, I didn’t lose much except for a few posts and pages. Thankfully, I backed up about a week ago, so restoring the WordPress posts was incredibly easy. Now I have to also upload every last picture all over again, but that shouldn’t take long at all. It’s a change for the better, after all. This blog will have almost 100% uptime now, which is an improvement. Since the DZine-Online server, along with the domain have been suspended, I was forced to buy a new domain- It’s not much different, and seeing as I never had too many readers, this isn’t such a big change. I’m not going to go back and manually change DZine-Online to DZine-Studios in every old post. Let the old posts serve as a reminder of one host’s mediocrity. I’ll also be adding tutorials from time to time, so stay tuned.

Z-Up was released about two weeks ago. It’s an uploader made and coded by me. I coded the entire news system for it in PHP, as well as the upload script. It has a 7mb file limit, so go on over and enjoy.

Another upcoming project is TechBase. TechBase will be a social-networking site for technology enthusiasts around the world. It will be programmed completely in PHP, and has an expected release date of Mid-2009. You can view the splash page by clicking here.

I’m also getting an iPod Touch sometime in the near future. At $300, the 8gb model is affordable, and looks to have plenty of apps to keep me occupied at work. I’ll post a review and pictures of it when I get it.

Another future investment will be an electric guitar. The model I’m looking at buying right now is a Squier Bullet Stratocaster (Black). It’s affordable, made by Fender (a pretty good brand when it comes to guitars), and looks to be a good first guitar. When I’ll get it, I don’t exactly know. Maybe by September.

Also, DZine-Studios will become my new web design portfolio, with a direct domain rather than a confusing bunch of subdomains and directories. That’s basically all for now.

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