Yesterday I actually remembered that I had a summer reading assignment. Of course, all the required books were not available at any library near me (like I’d ever go to the library… bleh). I reserved several books at several places, hopefully they’ll be in stock b September. My other options are to read Angels and Demons (one of the books on the list) in Russian (slow to read), or go on Sparknotes and get some info and BS my way through the assignment. Honestly, why must they force us to do these dreadful assignments? I mean, I get plenty of reading, and I write more in my log than I ever do for school. However, the fools who signed up for AP English have to write a 10 page report. Then again, I could just not do it… school’s not that important to me.

Also, I got a brand new CD/DVD burner last week. The main reason being that my Mac’s slot-loaded Superdrive¬† can’t read/write mini CD’s/DVD’s.

And I’m never going to finish my portfolio site at the rate I’m going… At this point, I just want to finish it, and move on to more interesting projects.

I’ve also upgraded to CS3, as it works a lot faster on Leopard than the previous versions. Even though the older versions crashed once a month, I still wasn’t happy. So far, CS3 runs very quickly, and has had no crashes. Plus the new features are kind of nice, especially in Illustrator CS3, which added a usable eraser, along with an easy-to-use paint bucket. The unified interface is a great improvement, as well as the closer integration of the CS3 suite. Another greatly appreciated feature is a real full-screen mode, that closes up all the gaps between the panels and the canvas, meaning no more accidental clicks on the desktop.

I’ve also started drawing the beginnings of my webcomic. I already have 8 issues done and ready to go. I still have nowhere to display them on, though. I’m probably going to buy a new domain for it, as well as make a new ComicPress based site for it. The quality of my art has also improved as well, and my character poses aren’t nearly as stiff. I was surprised what a difference line thickness makes. Before, I used to use a 4-5 px brush for the lines. This time, I tried using a 2px brush, and the effect is amazing! Here’s a small screenshot to keep you all entertained.

And yes, I’m well aware that my “Art” section is nearly empty. I’ll fill it up when I have the time.

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