Guitars and such

Oh boy, another big post. The concert on Friday was just amazing. While the sound system was a little out of tune, and the subwoofers were too powerful, the bands performing were still amazing. While the opening act was by some unknown band, the other bands were pretty damn good. Bleeding Through was perfect, and Bullet for my Valentine was simply… wow. It’s one thing to listen to a perfectly mastered studio version of a song, but hearing that same song live is an amazing experience. I actually lost track of how many times the lead guitarist changed his guitar… I could still hear the concert ringing in my ears even several days after the concert passed.

Yesterday (Monday) I went to my local Sam Ash (music store) and got myself a nice new Fender acoustic guitar. It’s a fairly typical 6-string guitar, but it sounds great, especially when a skilled person plays it. I’m still learning all the ups and downs of guitar playing, and maybe in a few years I’ll be half-decent. It’s still a fun experience learning it…

I hate roaches. I really do. They get in the way of things, and they’re like walking minefields, especially at night, when they’re not too visible. While they are really easy to kill, they make quite a mess, especailly the ones that are 2 inches long. Ugh.

Sadly, there’s only about 3 weeks or so left until school begins again… I’m not too happy about that. It’ll be yet another year of sleeping in class, drawing in class, being an idiot in class, making fun of the teacher in class, and a failing in class. At least I have my iPod Touch, which should take the edge off the massive boredom that ensues in every school day. Worst of all, this is my junior year, meaning SAT’s. I absolutely hate SAT’s. I’ll make another post about them shortly. The only bright side is that I have “Intro to Web Design” class next year. That class promises to be quite entertaining. Especially since I’ve learned hundreds of new hacks and exploits this summer.

I’m also planning on rewriting my DZine News System from scratch. This time around it will utilise databases rather than plain text files. The reason is that text files are impossible to archive, and a news system isn’t muh use if it can’t archive previous posts automatically. I expect the new News System to be done in a week or so. As usual, it will be clean, usable, and have minimal size.

Another possible (read: possible) project once I finish the current queue will be an advanced proxy site. Kids these days are putting up simple proxies all over the place… most of them powered by a simple PHP script called Zelune. Of course, it’s really slow, can’t load Flash, chokes up on logins, and can’t handle much JavaScript. Now I found a new, different script, called Glype. It has everything, including JavaScript, Flash support, and it doesn’t mess up pages as much as other proxies do. Trouble is that it costs about 18 dollars. However, I’m still buying it, as it’s totally worth it. The Board of Education better watch out… their tyrannical rein over the computers will soon fall… *cue evil laughter*

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