Mega Post!

This is going to be quite a long post, so be prepared to read.

This week was quite busy, actually. I still have to finish my Web portfolio and add little JavaScript Effects to it But that’ll have to wait. Currently, I’m working a web design job for a client. It’s turning out quite nicely actually, and should be finished in a few days. I’ll try to find some time tomorrow to go and finish up my portfolio site, it’s been standing unfinished for almost a week now. After my project queue is cleared, work can finally begin on TechBase.

In other news, I got a new iPod Touch last Sunday. It is purely amazing. I think I’ve had it long enough to give a basic review of it. The Touch looks prett good, as do all Apple products, but I highly advise a case and a screen protector. While the screen stays pretty clean and doesn’t scratch easily, the back picks up grime and scratches all too easily. The interface is easy to use, I never read the manual, and I was cruising through the Touch within minutes of opening it. One minor gripe is the need to connect it to the computer before using it for the first time. The 2.0 firmware update addressed pretty much all of the issues in previous firmwares. It’s now possible to install apps without jailbreaking (although I wouldn’t mind jailbreaking either). The current app library is rather small, but there are still some really cool (and useful) free apps out there. You just have to find them. Now the animations and effects may seem a bit overdone, but they are on overall pleasing, and don’t really interfere with use. In fact, the graphics and animations are so well done that they don’t get tiring, even after a lot of use. The onscreen keypad is easy enough to use, and highly accurate, once you give it time to learn your writing style as well as your common mistakes. Music and video playback are top-notch, as well as the full Safari web browser, which even has support for multiple tabs. When you connect the iPod Touch to your computer, it automatically syncs calendar info and contacts, as well as Safari bookmarks. The battery is strong enough to last several hours while browsing the web and listening to music. You could read the whole Penny-Arcade archives and still have plenty of battery power to spare, which is surprisingly good for a device that’s made up of mostly screen. The iPod occasionally crashes, but it’s not often enough to be a real issue, and it happens mostly when using apps. These little bugs will probably be fixed in the next update. Now if only Apple gave a wall charger instead of a USB charger… To me that’s not really a problem, as I spend most of my waking moments on my Mac. The iPod Touch is powerful enough to be classed as a PocketPC (or PocketMac, if you want to get technical). It’s a good choice for those who want the iPhone innovations without the annoying (and pricey) AT&T contracts.

Note that I’ve added a Twitter feed to the homepage of this blog. Since I have a Twitter app on my iPod Touch, I’ll actually be able to update the feed often enough for it to be of some actual use.

On Friday, I’m going to be going to a concert. Starring in it are Bullet for My Valentine and Bleeding Through, which I consider to be two very good bands. It promises to be an interesting experience, and I’ll try to take pictures if I don’t get my phone knocked out of my hand in the standing room.

And that’s pretty much it for now… Oh yeah, and I also saw “The Dark Knight.” I write about it later, as I’m too tired to type anymore…

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