AOL sucks!

Let me start off this post by saying that if you still use the AOL program, please stop. I have compiled a list of reasons for why it flat out sucks.

1) It’s outdated. 9.0 (the latest version) was released over 2 years ago.

2) It’s a resource hog. AOL can bring a fast computer to an almost complete stop.

3) It eats up hard drive space. AOL installs everything, including a ton of stuff that you’ll probably never use.

4) Bad page rendering. AOL is similar to Internet Explorer 6 in it’s atrocious page rendering. It only has partial support for CSS and web standards.

5) It has to “connect” to the internet every time you start it, even when you’re using high-speed internet.

6) It crashes/quits periodically, for no good reason.


Run only what you need, rather than the AOL software. For general browsing, use Firefox. It’s available for nearly every Operating System ever made. It has tabs, a search bar, and thousands of themes/plugins to extend its looks and functionality. It’s also a lot smaller in flie size and doesn’t hog your processor. For Instant Messaging, just go and download the standalone AIM client. It has way more features than the AOL program. If you’re still using an email, you can get onto your AOL mail through a regular browser. Go to and log in to access your mail. There’s really no excuse to be using the AOL program in the 21st century.

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  • Jeff

    Ah, I do not know ANYONE that still uses that piece of crap…well except my one friend.

    But yeah, total rubbish.