I have work today. Arrgh! special 4th of July comic will be up tomorrow (4th of July). I can already hear the rednecks on my block blasting away their illegally purchased fireworks. I also got back my results for the SAT II World History exam I took a month ago. Turns out I got a 730 out of 800. Not bad. Trying to get some web work, because real-world jobs are extremely hard to get, and some companies are actually laying off employees due to the terrible state our economy’s in.

In other, lighter news, I’m trying to get the hang of Flash animation. With my graphics tablet it’s not so hard, but it gets to be quite tedious. Especially when there are 40 layers. Going frame by frame, redrawing each frame, at 18fps, I got about 3 seconds of animation in about 3 hours of work. And that’s with simple stick figures.

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