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Hell Week has come. From Tuesday (Yesterday) to next Tuesday, it’ll be nothing but exams… Yesterday was the Chemistry exam, which wasn’t too hard, seeing as they dumb the Regents down every year. The scores are also curved, so there’s a good chance of me getting at least an 80 on the Chem regents. Today’s the Global (SS) regents. Woohoo. Firefox 3 came out today, and I’ll write about that in my DZI-Tech blog, which is finally finished. I’ve also set up my server to redirect automatically to the tech blog, so if you want to see this blog, you can either bookmark it, or click on the “My Blog” link in the tech blogs’ sidebar.

Father’s Day…

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Father’s Day today was actually kind of fun. All of us went to this Russian restaurant on the boardwalk in Coney Island, and I ate until I was full to bursting with good food. The day before, I went to the beach, and I made the mistake of falling asleep. After I slept for like 2 hours facing the sun, I got an extreme sunburn, and taking a shower later that day was one of the most painful experiences of my life. Live and learn, I guess… Live aaaannnnddd learn….

On a more serious note, I’ve noticed that some of the posts here are getting overbearingly technical. Therefore, I’ve decided to separate this blog into two blogs. DZI-Tech will be about tech news and tech rants. This blog will be my personal blog, where I can talk about my life and non-technical things. I’ve almost finished the site for the tech news, but WordPress is being difficult again, so it’s probably going to be a few days or so until it’s up and running.

Speaking of the comics, since I’ve gotten my nice new Wacom, I can now start doing them more frequently, and I already have some ideas ready, so all I have to do is draw the comics, and I’m set for about 3 weeks.

I’ve also decided to start learning the electric guitar, and once school ends, I might get one. The Regents are about 2 days away, which is kind of scary. These Regents are pretty evil, since they make even the most careless person (like me) stress out. Oh well. The sooner I get them over with, the better. On Tuesday, I have the Chemistry regent, on Wednesday the Global (Social Studies) one. On Thursday, I have the Math B regent, followed by the Spanish regents on the next Tuesday. The Chemistry regent is probably going to be the hardest, because I barely paid any attention in Chem all year. The Global regent is going to be a walk in the park, because I’ve taken the AP exam, which is extremely hard. Math B is going to be okay, because I get math pretty well. The Spanish regent is a joke, and I could get a 90 on that thing in my sleep. After the Regents, it’s going to be nothing but rest and relaxation for two straight months.

Friday the 13th went pretty well, I guess. Nothing major, no broken bones. For all you superstitious people, I have one word for you. Triskaidekaphobia. That word means “fear of the number 13.”


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My Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet arrived today. Way earlier than I was expecting it, too. Here are some pictures of my workspace with my new tablet.


Here is my MacBook Pro in all of its 2 month-old glory.


My new tablet.


My new Wacom and my MacBook Pro, peacefully coexisting.

Stuff-ish Stuff

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The SAT II was okay… not that easy. Due to having to wake up at like 6:00 AM for the SAT II, I’ve been feeling kind of dead these past few days…

The weather here in NYC has been unbearable these past few days. It’s been 90+ and humid these past few days, which makes it unbearable without an AC. It’s going to be like 94 degrees on Tuesday, which is going to totally suck, seeing as I have gym outdoors that day. My Wacom Bamboo is arriving very soon, I can hardly wait!

Insert Witty Title Here

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Unless you’re blind, you’ve probably noticed some changes here at DZine-Online. The navbar has way less links, and the sidebar is uniform amongst all the pages. I redid the navbar using one background image, and all text links, so the site should load a bit faster. I’ve also converted all of the pages to use PHP includes, which makes updating the site easier. The comic has been broken away into its own site, which will soon have its own domain. From now on, DZine-Online will serve as my blog and as my art portfolio. The comic will start going as soon as my new Wacom Bamboo arrives Wednesday-Friday of next week. I also have an SAT II tomorrow at 8:00 am. Yay.

The Downfall of Microsoft…

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A day or two ago, Microsoft announced that they would stop shipping Windows XP on June 30, 2008. It will still be available to system builders, but obtaining XP will be much harder after June 30. Pirating it also wouldn’t work, since XP has the Windows Genuine Advantage crap that doesn’t allow full functionality until bought legally. This doesn’t affect me, of  course, but I still think discontinuing XP was a bad idea for Microsoft. Remember the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Well, that’s what Microsoft should have done. Vista is a clear failure, even with the release of Vista SP1. Microsoft should just can Vista, and continue with XP. I mean, it’s still the same money, so why would the Microsoft care? I mean, they’re almost a monopoly; they could re-release Windows 95 and slap “Windows 7” on it, and people would still buy it, because Windows is the only option for many them.

On a higher note, Linux and Apple are going to go up due to this. Apple has steadily been rising ever since the release of Windows 7, and so have home-user based Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu. I estimate that by 2020 (If we’re not all dead from a nuclear war) there will be a triopoly on the computer market, or at the very least a duopoly. One up-and-coming Linux distro that deserves some attention is ReactOS. Put simply, ReactOS will be able to run every Windows program, without all the exploits and problems of Windows, not to mention that it’s also  open-source and free. With an estimated completion date of around 2011, it looks to be a promising alternative to Windows. Technically, Microsoft can’t even sue them, because they do not actually copy any code from Windows. Ubuntu is heating up, with more and more users. What bugs me is that for most people, Ubuntu is perfectly suitable. Not counting the gamers, more than half 0f all computer users only use the computer for web browsing, word processing, and e-mail. Linux can do all of these easily, and is no harder to use than Windows.

Being a Mac user, I have to put in my two cents on Apple. 10.5.2 is pretty good, and is a success, even though it’s a major update to Mac OS X. Even though Apple’s shares are growing, there’s just one foreseeable problem. If Apple ever comes to own the computer market, they might become as bad as Microsoft. Even so, I have to say that Macs are universal computers. Want Windows? Boot camp it, and you’re done. Is Linux your cup of tea? Boot camp again. Want all three at the same time without rebooting? Easy. Just buy Parallels Desktop for Mac, and you’re good to go. It can run XP, Vista, and just about any distro of Linux. With Parallels Coherence, you can have all three systems together seamlessly.

I also got paid today, and I’m placing my order for the Wacom Bamboo tomorrow. Finally, I’ll be able to draw on my computer again!

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