Uploader Updated

The uploader has been redone completely, making it version 2.0 of the uploader. The script was graciously provided by Dannyisonfire. The uploader works perfectly now, and it can reject filetypes, as well as list the files. Now it should easily be able to handle heavier loads from my newly done forums.

Today I also accomplished something that seems impossible. I installed Windows XP on my old IBM Aptiva (13 years old). The Aptiva has 32mb of RAM, so I have no idea how I got past the installation. It works as slow as hell, but Pinball works well enough on it. The built-in CD burner (this computer was really ahead of its time when bought) is the real reason for salvaging it. The standard monitor only has 16-bit color, so the desktop looks like one big .gif, with stripes and such. Of course, Windows XP started up with all of its activation crap, but I ignored it. A simple registry edit removes the annoying nag bubbles that appear every few minutes. The Windows OS is the only product I encourage pirating, because Microsoft doesn’t gain anything from it. Everything else you should go out and buy.

In other news, I still haven’t gotten a job. I went out looking today, but everywhere I get more or less the same basic reply- “Sorry, no open positions.” This is no doubt due to the economic recession the US is going through right now. At this point, I’m sort of hoping this recession evens out before it turns into an all-out depression.

Speaking of politics, the candidates all suck. McCain is a war-loving conservative, who will probably send even more troops to Iraq (and possibly Iran). I’m a bit worried that he might enact a military draft, which would really suck for me. He’s probably going to win, because people generally vote for Republicans during times of war. I might be wrong, though.

Barack Obama’s even worse than McCain. First off, the guy’s black! Not to be racist or anything, but control of the US has always been in the hands of white men. Even scarier, Hillary Clinton (woman) is backing Obama, and that would be downright terrible if Clinton came into office as Obama’s Vice President. The country would go down the gutter if Obama came into power. Good thing that Canada’s only a 6-7 hour drive from Brooklyn, NY, because that’s where I’m going if either Obama or McCain come into power. Then again, the UK’s a nice place to live, also.

Gasoline prices have also reached record highs, with gas in NY being above $4.00 a gallon. By the time I get a driver’s license and a car, gas will probably be over 5-6 dollars a gallon. What sucks even more is that the retard named George Bush secretly suppresses any attempt at alternative fuel sources. Remember the General Motors EV 1? It was doing really well, with a lot of public interest, but then GM suddenly pulled the plug on the program, and crushed all the EV-1’s, with no clear explanation. I think the real reason is that the oil-owning giants (ex: Bush family) pulled some strings along with some bribery/blackmail. The EV-1’s were removed and crushed in 2003, with only a few donated to colleges. When those few EV-1’s were reactivated by students, GM threatened with legal pressure. Whenever any serious electric contenders come out onto the market, they are almost always suppressed by the government. You know how all new vehicles have to get “approval?” Well that “approval” is really a way of making sure all the cars on the road are gas-powered. Hybrids get approval because they still use gas, and are not such a threat. Currently, the Tesla roadster is in active development, and it seems to be going strong. I have a feeling that it’s also going to be put down after a few years or so. Hydrogen vehicles are also not going too well, thanks to a lack of government funding. I’m just hoping that the world’s supply of oil will run out soon. Then it’ll be pointless to put down any alternate fuel sources.

Also, I finished making a site for my client. When they asked for a domain and hosting, I recommended MediaTemple. They host a Sony’s and Adobe’s websites, so they have to be pretty good. The price for grid hosting was pretty good, and it took like 3 minutes to buy hosting and a domain. Account info arrived, and the domain was activated, after about an hour. So far, I’m impressed with their services.

The future of this website looks good, but the future of the world looks bleak.

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