2:32 am right now, and I feel dead. My fingers just seem to fly over the keyboard with no guidance. It feels like I’m floating. Spelling properly is hard, as I am sleepy as hell right now.

Complaints aside, I have two important announcements to make.

The site has been freshened a little, but I’m not calling it a redesign because this update simply replaced a few images and relocated some links. The old header has been replaced wih a newer header that matches the site just a bit more than the old one. The RSS feed, Contact, and Uploader links have been moved to the upper right part of the header, as they are not important enough to warrant a position on the sidebar. A new contact page has been made, and the forms and buttons have been customised. Various other errors and CSS errors have been rectified.

Now on to the bigger news. The “forum” link is back! Except that now there is a new, more customised, cleaner looking forum than the clunky old SMF forum I had a few months ago. This new forum is based on punBB, which is simple enough for users and has just enough features. Besides, even though SMF has a ton of features, most users do not use them, so those features just end up taking up hard disc space. Before I went over to punBB, I tinkered with phpBB. PhpBB is feature-packed, but that makes customisation an utter bitch. The hardest part was making the forum nav have rollovers, because I am crazy about rollovers. Head on over to the forums and join in on the fun! By the way, if you were one of the few users who had an account on the old SMF forum, just go and make a new one.

Due to the forum’s use of [img][/img] tags, users have to uplaod a picture to storage in order to link to it. For that purpose I am promoting my uploader. Due to the expected influx in uploader use, I will be upgrading the uploader to a more secure version.

Also, Ralph at ForTheLose made a new version- 3.0. Head on over and check it out. Maybe leave him a comment or two.

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