End of the Year!

School finally ended for me… Here are my report card results:
AP Euro- 75 (My advice: NEVER take an AP class unless you are prepared to spend 4 hours on HW.)
English- 85 (That’s the class where I do most of my drawing.)
Chemistry- 65 (I barely passed that one… not to mention my teacher was a complete asshole.)
Chemistry Lab- 95 (All I had to do was hand in one project.)
Digital Photography- 95 (I would have probably gotten a 100, but 95 is the highest allowed.)
Math B- 95 (Easy.)
Gym- 95 (I didn’t even come to class half the time.)
Spanish- 85 (Really easy class, I would have gotten a 95 had I come to class all the time and actually done any work).
English 2- 85 (Meh.)
Regents scores:
Spanish: 96 (So easy that a brain-dead person could pass it in their sleep.)
Social Studies: 98 (Cake.)
Math B: 85 (Meh.)
Chemistry: 76 (Fuck Chemistry.)

The year has ended pretty well, and the summer’s looking pretty good. My web design business is going well, and my “empire” of sites keeps growing.

Speaking of web design, this site will receive a slight facelift today.

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