Just an hour or so ago, I went onto this site to make a blog post about the regents exams. Then, suddenly, instead of my usual page, I see a page with a black background and red/white text, saying “Hacked!” According to access logs, it was a hacker from Kosova, who probably got in through either a WordPress or SMF exploit. I deleted the forums (they weren’t of much use, and they were already out of order), and a bunch of other files, and that seemed to have solved the problem. Due to this hacking, I upgraded to WordPress 2.5.2, and although I don’t like it as much as 2.1, it has better security, so hopefully I won’t be hacked any time in the near future.

The regents was okay, I guess. It was a bit harder than the other regents, but I think I did well on it. All that’s left is the Spanish regents, which isn’t a real threat.

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