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Pr()xy News!

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Well, I’ve updated the pr()xy, and uploaded it to a different server. It’s ready to go, and Flash/cookies/logins finally work. I’ve also added another link in the sidebar- School Tools. If you go there, you’ll find several methods to circumvent “the system.” I’ve also masterminded a new logo for DZine (see below).  Also, some people have been saying that the names of the bands I listen to sound kind of… emo. I have the list below, if you wanted to see.

  1. Killswitch Engage
  2. Bleeding Through
  3. As I Lay Dying
  4. All That Remains

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New Stuff added…

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Due to the large amount of spam I’ve been getting lately, I’ve installed an anti-spam plugin. Now, you have to enter the letters in the image provided in order to comment. In other news, I have several major exams coming up. An AP exam, an SAT II, and 4 Regents. Am I worried? Not in the least. Over the years I’ve learned that not caring is way better than stressing out. Life’s too short to stress out on the small things like exams and school. Next year is going to be way better than this one, because I chose all the easy courses. This year, my biggest mistake was choosing Research Chemistry, which takes up 2 periods, meaning no free period for me. Before, I just disliked Chemistry, but now I hate it with a passion. English was a total bomb, because I had a horrible teacher who failed me with joy, because I didn’t bother reading the goddamn book, which was Pride and Prejudice… I hated every page of that book… and this blog is turning into more of a venting place… oh well. Math was okay, boring as usual. TV production was pretty awesome, it’s just too bad that the cheap bastard (aka the principal) had to can the class. It was a damn shame when they canceled it, because the school had just bought two shiny new Mac Pros for that class. Now, they’re just collecting dust in a locked-up room. Budget cuts are pure evil. Photoshop class is going well, and I’ve done what was thought to be impossible: I installed a printer that the so-called “experts” claimed as broken. Those experts probably know less than a 5 year-old when it comes to computers. The extra English class has been going well, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Spanish was easy… as usual. It is kind of annoying when everybody stares at me like I’m some kind of genius, just because I can excel on the quizzes without studying in the very least. The teacher was annoying, because she made such a big deal over me missing 4 homeworks. I just hate how these teachers think we have no lives, and so they pile on the work. Gym was pretty interesting, except for the fact that I got shoved into Yoga, where I was one of the only guys there. Same in AP SS, with 25+ girls(I never bothered counting), and 3 guys. In Chemistry, I have to work on PowerPoint presentations in the computer lab, and the teacher keeps hovering around me, believing that I’m going to destroy the network or something like that. What he doesn’t understand is that if I had wanted to, I would have already brought the network to its knees. And next year, I have “Fundamentals of Web Design.” That class is going to be so pathetically easy, because the site you see here was all made by me, by hand. The next school year is really starting to look good, especially since I’m going to have several free periods. The only thing that is even a remote concern is the SAT, but I’m not going to get all worked up about it. I’m also taking guitar class next year… that should be fun…

In other words, Iron Man came out in theaters today. I’ll get around to seeing it sometime next week, or something like that. This weekend is going to suck, though. I have a bunch of tests to prepare for, which I don’t even want to do, but am being forced to do so. Also, with my very negative views of my school’s staff and the idiots dipwads twits gits retards NYCBOE, you may think I’d care about this blog being read. But I don’t care. First Amendment, bitches! =D

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