A Small Update

For the first time in several months, a new comic is up. Don’t expect any new ones anytime soon, though. Since the demise of my graphics tablet, I had to draw this in Flash, using a mouse. It took about 6 hours of hard work to make this comic. I might get a cheap Wacom tablet soon, to fill the void until I get my hands on a Cintiq.

In other news, the AP exam wasn’t too hard. The essay part is what was really hard, due to the large amount of handwriting required. I normally write very big, and in script, but since I had to write legibly, I had to write 7 pages in small print, which left my hand feeling sore for about a day after the exam. I also got a pass excusing me from the whole day, even from the classes the AP exam didn’t overlap. Now I’m really pissed at my parents, because they made me go and sit through 2 hours of shit crap trash boredom retardation Chemistry. When I came into Chem on that day, the teacher decided to give a pop quiz. Since I wasn’t even planning on coming to school that day, I was totally unprepared for it. Now the idiot didn’t want to hear any of it, and I still had to take the quiz. Out of 20 questions, I got 3 right. Out of a 100, I got a 15. Wonderful. At least English class wasn’t that bad…

Also, I bought a mouse today. It’s a Logitech wireless mouse. I could have bought a Bluetooth Mighty Mouse from Apple, but that would cost me $70. My Logitech mouse cost me $30, and it works just as well, and also has side-scrolling. I may be a Mac fan, but I’m not an idiot.

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  • Nick

    You missed out about how Russian women are Men. Well… the gymnasts are anyway… testorone tablets ;)

  • http://www.dzine-online.com Daniel

    Lol. But how’s that related to the post? =/

  • Nick

    Sorry… I meant:
    In your new Comic..
    Oh and it’s not testostorone tablets. Its Steriods…
    sorry again.

  • Daniel

    Meh. It’s okay.