Failure… Again!

Report cards were handed out about two days ago. As usual, I failed one class. Except this time it wasn’t English. This time I failed AP Social Studies. Hooray. Rejoice. Celebrate. As usual, my parents took my computer away… But I can almost guarantee that I’ll have my computer back by the end of the month, because my parents cool off pretty quickly. For now, though, I’m going to have to rely on these shitty crappy fucked up garbage Dells. By the way, my site looks slightly messed up in IE 6. The content position is a bit screwy, but everything is still legible. However, I’m not going to make my site work perfectly in IE 6, because it’s not worth castrating the code just for the retards who insist on using Internet Explorer. All of the blog-related pages are looking splendid, and my uploader is working nicely. I might link to it later. My pr()xy still hasn’t been blocked by the idiots NYCBOE.

Speaking of which, I’m working on PowerPoint presentations in class, and PowerPoint sucks. It’s too simple. You’d have to be a complete retard to not understand it. Plus, the lack of shortucts for every function is really annoying, because I hate using the mouse more than I have to. I’ve noticed that society is getting dumber and dumber. Like for example, the Regents scores are so curved that only a brainless trilobyte wouldn’t pass it. And it isn’t just Microsoft that’s dumbing down everything, Apple does that too, especially with iMovie. iMovie 6 HD is packed with all sorts of useful features, and is comparable to Final Cut Express. Now iMovie ’08 is completely bare in comparison. Everything’s been gutted, making it useless for anything other than cutting and rearranging clips. At least Apple realized their mistake and put iMovie 6 HD up for download. Thankfully, Photoshop isn’t being dumbed down… at least not yet.

Also, there’s a certain someone that I’d like to rant about. Let’s just call him Mr. A, because the person in question is an assistant principal, and I don’t want to get into trouble. Anyway, this guy is the most ignorant person ever. He acts like this big shot who knows everything about computers, while the truth is, I know more than him. He walks around, saying how he can look at what I’ve been doing on the PC’s, and found out every key that I’ve pressed. It’s especially hilarious when he says it in a serious tone… Also, I just love how he thinks that Windows is the only OS out there. I bet he still uses Internet Explorer, like all the other retards out there. Oh, and Mr. A (you know who you are), if you’re reading this, I only have one thing to say. Get a Mac.

Another thing that pisses me off is the lack of decent software on the Dells. The only browser is Internet Explorer. Another thing is that the Dells only have Photoshop CS3. Ordinarily, that would be a good thing, but 256 mb of RAM is not enough to run it faster than a dead rat. Microsoft Word is also a poor choice, because it just sucks. Clippy is really annyoing, and it’s almost impossible to get rid of him permanently. Also, the computers have “Deep Freeze” installed, which basically resets the hard drive on every startup. What’s even more depressing is that today I saw several new Dell laptops being unpacked… I just hate Dells, and if I had the choice to use a brand-new Dell or a Power Mac G3 from 1998, I’d choose the G3.

I’ve also stopped reading the newspaper, because I don’t want to see what new low society has reached…

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