Somewhat finished….

I started the redesign (as you may or may not have already noticed). In this version of the site, I’ve decided to go green (literally). Version 2.0 was short-lived, and I didn’t like it that much anyway. Currently, only the home page is looking good. All of the other pages look like garbage, because I haven’t done them yet. Hopefully, by tomorrow, the site will have most (not all) of its pages redesigned. Also, I set my blog as the homepage. So far, the site has:
1) CSS rollovers- They work faster, and don’t require complex pre-loader scripts.
2) It looks good in IE 5.0 (Mac), Safari (Mac), and Firefox (Mac).
EDIT: The site works fine in IE 6.0 and Firefox 2.0.

Currently, it’s not XHTML valid, but I’m working on it.

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