Well, it’s 5:39 am, but I’m not really tired. You see, the other day, I caved in and created a MySpace profile. Of course, the first thing I wanted to do was t edit the layout. And that’s what I did, until my account got deleted because I violated the TOS by blocking the advertisements. I made a new one yesterday, and I finished with the layout just this morning. It was a pain, because MySpace’s standards are even more ****ed up than those of IE’s. But it has been finished. Below is a screenshot. If you want to see the actual profile, click here.

My pimped out layout

Also, I have finished my web design page. It is here.

It took quite a while, but now it’s finished, cross-browser compatible, and 100% XHTML/CSS valid.

Now, onto the main news:

This website is due for a complete redesign. You may be asking “why?” Here are some reasons.

  1. I’ve learned a few new techniques, and I have more experience with XHTML and CSS than I did when I did this layout.
  2. I want to put this blog on the front page. The current front page is just empty-ish space, which doesn’t really compel most visitors to stay for too long.
  3. I want XHTML and CSS validity. The current design has a lot of errors, and I can’t fix them without messing up the site.
  4. I’m writing the site in a text editor, rather than in Dreamweaver, which will allow for faster, more efficient, more optimized code.
  5. The site is plain, and doesn’t look all that great.
  6. I’ve learned how to make rollovers in CSS, and they work faster, take less time to load, and don’t require long (and invalid) lines of Javascript for preloading.
  7. I want to make the site easier to update, so the new site will simply link to the CSS file, rather than having it embedded. Therefore, I’d only need to change the external CSS file, without compromising the structural integrity of the site itself.
  8. I want to make the site faster, because the current design is bloated, and inefficient.
  9. This is the “flagship”site of my collection of sites, so naturally, it has to look good.

The redesign will commence tonight. I will attempt to preserve the integrity of the blog, so as to keep you posted on the progress.

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