I failed English class. Yay. If I cared, I’d be depressed, but I stopped stressing about school a long time ago. It’s a news semester, though, and I finally have Photoshop class. 

The good news is that I’ve bypassed the corporate filters installed in most schools. It was rather simple, though. I made a proxy, but proxies are blocked by the filters. I took a look at some of the blocked proxies, and I realized that they had “proxy” written all over the page. The filters scan words, so as soon as they see “proxy” on the page, they block it. I’ve figured out a way around this. On my proxy, the word proxy does not appear in text form. All of the information is in an image, which the filters cannot read as of yet. I’ve tested it, and it works. I can’t give the URL for it yet, because it’s still in alpha, and I have make sure that it won’t overload my server. The site’s also rather messed up looking for now, because I’m trying to make it look better. I’ve noticed that updating the progress bars was a chore, so I deleted them. Instead of bars, I put my Twitter feed there, which is much easier to update, as I don’t even have to log into my server. I’m considering getting my own server, then I’d have a much easier time updating the site, and it would be cheaper, too.

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