Speaking of the comic, I have some news about it. The first is that I’ll be doing it almost completely in Pencil. Inking just ruins it, and coloring just takes too long. In pencil, I can also add much more detail, which won’t be lost by inking. The panels will be way bigger, and more detailed than ever. I have a great story all written up for at least 3 months forward.

Also, I’m glad it’s 2008. That idiotic president Bush will finally be replaced, hopefully by someone better.

Warning– Below is a whole load of technical stuff. You can skip it without missing out on too much.

Since my goal is to make my site cross-browser compatible, it makes sense to test it on other systems. Several days ago, I dug out my old Windows-based laptop, in order to test IE 7. But no, it wasn’t that simple. In order to get IE 7, I had to install XP SP2. Thinking that this wouldn’t take long, I went to Microsoft Update. But that wasn’t the end of it. Microsoft Update made me install “Genuine Advantage,” which is a piece of spyware that MS uses to make sure that your Windows is “valid”(As if there are people who waste their time downloading it off of Pirate Bay). My computer passed validation, so I moved on to the next step. I downloaded SP2(~200mb), and started installing it. Halfway through installation, it stopped, and exclaimed “access denied.” I tried downloading SP2 from another source, thinking that the file was corrupt. After re-downloading, the same error occurred. Turns out I would have to re-install XP SP1 to be able to download SP2. My old computer still doesn’t have SP2, nor does it have IE 7. The site works decently on IE 6, but I’m not too thrilled about having to rewrite all of my CSS to IE 6’s f***ed up standards. So if you see any errors while using IE 6, don’t even bother telling me. Just do the right thing and download Firefox or Safari. Continuing on the topic of Internet browsers, the site works perfectly on Linux, also. In fact, the site will work on any browser that supports the CSS standards.

Another thing that’s been bothering me are Dells. They’re cheap, and they run Windows. Which is exactly why the Board of Education buys them. Dells are ugly, and their performance is lacking. Of course, the BOE thinks with their wallets, and not with their brains. I recently went to an open house at Mark Twain(don’t ask why), and I was rather angry at what I saw. They had Dells, but that wasn’t the worst of it. Even among Windows computers, there are better computers than Dells. Anyway, I also saw Power Mac G3’s and G4’s in the closets, being used as shelves. Even compared to the latest Dell models, Power Macs are still way faster, not to mention that they run OS X, which is a clearly better system. Many people I ask say that Macs are overpriced. They are not. Back in the days when an average Mac cost $5000, they were overpriced. As of 2008, you can get a powerful MacBook for around $1200. I understand the crack addicts gamers can’t use Macs, but what about the rest of the population? For e-mail, and MySpace browsing, a Mac would be better, because they don’t get viruses. And don’t even start saying that BS about less programs for Mac. Most software, such as MS Word and the Adobe CS3 software, is available for the same price as their Windows counterparts. Macs also look a hell of a lot better than Dells. If you buy a Mac, you can expect it to last for at least 5 years without problems. People say that Macs are too hard to use, but actually, Macs were created to be easy to use. Partly to blame for this is the steady decline of the average intelligence of the American. MySpace, and other forms of social-networking has destroyed everyone’s brain cells.

And how could I forget about Linux? Ubuntu 7.10 came out recently. 8.04 will come out sometime in April. I’ll wait for that one, because 7.10 doesn’t have any major updates that are worth upgrading. I have also recently used my Ubuntu 7.04 LiveCD to recover files from a corrupted Windows computer, so it’s pretty useful.

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