Technical Stuff…

Well, this post is going to contain some pretty technical stuff. If you can’t handle computer terms, or just don’t get technology, you can skip this post without missing out too much.

First things first. Apple has released their MacBook Air!

MacBook Air!

Link to Apple Website

It is rather awesome, but having only one USB port is kind of limiting. The other specifications are rather impressive. 80gb HD, 1 mini DVI-out, and an audio out port. It has no firewire port, nor does it have an express-card slot. Plus, it’s so thin, it might break when I try to hit someone with it. It starts out for $1799, but if you add a solid-state HD, the price goes over $3000. My MacBook Pro only cost me $2000, yet it’s just as portable as the MacBook Air.

My site has also been having some problems. The forums had gotten messed up(no thanks to my constant tinkering), and I had to do a clean install. My picture-managing system was also having problems, so I deleted it and installed 4Images gallery. It integrates rather nicely into my site, also. PHP is rather annoying to work with, too. Whenever I forget one thing in it, such as a”>” symbol, it returns errors.  The blog was the hardest to integrate, but I’ve done it. The site is now uniform, and it looks good, too.

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